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May 2023: Where can adventurous digital nomads find a warm welcome in Europe? If you're a professional in the field of IT, scroll down for 5 opportunities.
October 2022: Some events have particularly influenced the IT markets on a global scale. Let’s name them, as well as explain how they shift hiring patterns all over the world.
November 2022: Recruiting has already shifted more to the virtual realm. It’s more convenient, but it also hides some drawbacks. Let's explore!
A new country welcomes you not only with everyday routine but also with culture shock. Let's look closely at what it is, whether it can be avoided, and how to deal with it more efficiently.
How much is left from programmers' remuneration after deducting all obligatory taxes? Let’s review 5 countries.
Completing your LinkedIn profile correctly is a smart move. Do it right once and get great offers for professional and salary growth.

Let's estimate the main costs and find out how much life in Prague costs.
April 2023: Location, weather, currency, popular cities and attractions... Scroll down for a list of basic facts about the Czech Republic!
May 2023: How does the hiring process work? We’ll tell you how with the Czech Republic as an example.
May 2023: Accommodation, groceries, entertainment… We’ve checked the cost of fundamental things you’ll need in this wonderful city!
August 2023: Insights into career management to help IT newcomers kickstart their career and experienced professionals grow further.
How did businesses adapt to remote work? How can companies improve distributed teams? What future changes should be expected?
Social media is a powerful tool to create a digital presence, promote a brand and find clients. But it’s also efficient when looking for talents to join your team.
January 2023: We’ll cover tech achievements and skills that will be in demand this year.
April 2023: Pilsen isn't just a haven for beer enthusiasts, there's a whole lot more to discover. From museums and cinemas to festivals and beyond, you won’t get bored!
March 2023: If we take into account the basic expenses, would the salary of a programmer be sufficient to lead a comfortable life in this country? Let's crunch the numbers.
May 2023: A modern city with eye-catching buildings, cool sights, and awesome events… Get ready to learn more about Brno.

Let’s have a closer look at different social media options and highlight their advantages for businesses.

Attracting and retaining international specialists is highly beneficial for any company. In what ways? Let's have a look!

October 2022: A detailed guide on how an IT specialist with Turkish citizenship can register as a business entity.
The success of developers largely depends on the relevance of their skills. What IT skills will be in demand in 2022? To do so, let's have a look at popular industries.
Soft skills are not a whim of modern trends: they are extremely useful for companies. Let’s find out why and talk about some tips on growing employability competencies in a team.
January 2023: Expanding the team, launching the product, entering new markets... All this is possible with the help of high-class specialists. But you need to find them first. How?
Up-to-date level of salary offers for various technical experts in different countries

A new trend or a necessity? Let's examine the causes of mental health issues and the advantages for businesses in addressing them.
Up-to-date level of salary offers for various technical experts working remotely
We have analyzed the IT vacancy market and made a report about the most in-demand skills worldwide.
List of the most attractive for relocation countries in 2019 and 2020.
Experts note the growth of interest in video games. How has this reflected on the back side of the industry - gaming companies and developers? Read more.
We found out how the market has changed, what technologies and skills have become more in demand, and how this will affect 2022.

Building a structured personnel onboarding process is vital. Scroll down to see why and learn how to make it effective in your team.

Demand, supply, and salaries for iOS and Android programmers in 2021.
We share with you which professionals there are more job openings for this year.

How to become a sought-after QA-engineer and what salary to expect.
Most businesses back up their talent needs with some extra help. Join the game and start reaping benefits today!

Effective ways to rent a house/apartment on the island for the long term

Let's discover the distinctive work culture in Cyprus through its unique practices and customs.
Sharing our view about one of the most popular IT recruiting areas.
Remote practices have become a necessity 3 years ago. Did companies and employees change their attitude toward this working model? Let’s find this out.
Getting a job in a foreign company, moving, and adapting to a new reality are big changes that are better to live through with a family!
Exploring the reconciliation of juggling two jobs: advantages, disadvantages, and potential risks involved.
High salaries and living in Europe... But what about expenses? Let's calculate them and compare them to the net income.
Discover the key technologies necessary for achieving success in the dynamic and fast-paced world of cryptocurrency.
Where people want to move and from where as well.
How the virus and the fight against it affect the IT industry.
Current situation of the IT labour market.
We share with you the main advantages of cooperation with Ukrainian IT-specialists.
We tell you how we calculate the indicator that shows how suitable the country is for relocation.
Who can easily find the job all over the world.

Join the team of the world's first animated crypto-series.
The current situation on the staffing market and the best platforms to place vacancies and look for candidates.
Major changes hit the IT market in 2021. They will continue to gain momentum in 2022. What exactly was going on with the big IT fields, the demand for talent, and salary levels? Read more.
March 2023: Current prices. Verified by locals.
This captivating country often goes unnoticed as a relocation option, but we're here to unveil its allure as a desirable place to work and live.
E-medicine, the emergency regime, and a quick victory over COVID-19… Let’s have a look at how Czechia responded to this crisis.
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